Past and Present Projects

The BMAP-OPT technique has been applied in all facets of business including:

  • Manufacturing

  • Service Industry

  • Transport

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Warehousing

Individual Projects
A. W. Hainsworth (Leeds)
Dewhursts (Accrington)
Wilsanco (Dungannon)
Coldwater Seafoods (Grimbsy)
Whitby Seafoods (Whitby)
Premdor (Bridgwater)
Spanboard (Coleraine)
Senior Flexonics (Merthyr
Skanska (London)

Use in Multinational Manufacturing Companies

Where a multinational has a choice of manufacturing in the UK or USA, the answer is not always obvious and difficult to quantify.  The reason being there are so many variables, different machine rates, taxes, company profits, material/labour costs, transport etc.

These can be mathematically modelled by BMAP-OPT and the optimum dichotomy of how much is made and in which location can be accurately calculated to give the company maximum profitability.